5 STEPS: Microwaved Baked Potato


Ooooh I know you want it!
Here’s how to create your very own baked potato in less than 15 mins!

1. Buy Potatoes and wash em with water, don’t use soap please (haha) and leave the skin.

2. STAB THEM with a fork evenly! Multiple times! Like your life depends on it! Just make sure you don’t deform the potato. Around 5-10 stabs will do.

3. Set it up on your microwave for 3 mins.
After 3 mins rotate it to make it evenly cooked then set it again for another 3 mins.

4. Slice it in any way you want, the potatoes are baked by this time.
Add garnishes cheese, bacon, mayo, whatever you wish to add as long as it’s edible.

5. EAT THEM Happy Potatoes! Itadakimasu!

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