Japanese 101 Introductory Statement


Hello Everyone!

  I’m みき/Miki, and starting today, I will be a contributing author here in LISTSEED, and to start everything off, I’ve decided to add a Weekly Japanese Lesson Segment. The following lessons that I will teach you will be from basics to the most mundane words that will not serve much purpose in a manner of speaking, but will still be used in some rare cases.

Please do note that everything that will be taught here are for fun, so if you guys do note some mistakes, please feel free to mention it in the comments below.

Pardon the image I used for the header of this first lesson, but this was a product of a 5 minute clicking. Starting off with our Lesson 1, I’m going to teach you the phrase I used with my co-workers in Japan when I was still a newbie in Nihonggo.
Eigo wa hanasemasu ka?

Can you speak English?

Now, let’s break down the sentence into 3 parts, 
Eigo = English (Language)
wa  = Japanese particle that points to the Subject
hanasemasu = Hanasemasu is the present polite form of the word hanaseru meaning to speak.
The ka statement at the end indicates that the sentence is an interrogative sentence, or in layman’s term, a question.
This phrase is useful when you’re on a trip visiting friends/relatives in Japan, or simply visiting Japan. I strongly believe in the saying that “When in Rome, do what the Romans do”, and I have great respect for people who take their time learning the language of the country they’re visiting. But when you’re in a bind, and is in a hurry/emergency cases, this phrase can come in handy.
And that’s it for today’s post, and this will not certainly be my last! Until next time, またね

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