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Being optimistic is not an easy task. Contrary to the belief that optimistic people are laid back, they also worry about the outcome of their choices. Making a lot of mistakes on the way but moving forward with a smile. Sounds crazy right?

Yes, people who are sincerely and unbearably optimistic are crazy, not because they always see things in a positive light, but because of their capability to convert chaotic situations into blissful resolutions.

Positive and Negative

Yin & Yang

There are people who gain strength from negative thinking and people who gain strength from positive thinking. These individuals are not necessarily against each other, nor are their beliefs wrong. Putting it simple, they are two different people who work their way out of a certain situation from a different perspective, like the Chinese philosophy YIN & YANG.

I have been a in a situation wherein I always think negatively when I was a kid and honestly, it worked at that time. Based on experience, gaining your strength from negative thinking, was tiring and somewhat stressful. However, it made me alert and fully aware of the decisions I make.

Pessimists are usually passive, they take risk calculation to the next level and face every challenge with great caution. Some people hone this skill like there’s no tomorrow and as a result they may be able to be GREAT risk analysts.

After some time, events in life led me to become an optimistic person, a lot of things happened and made me think that every “challenge” can be worthwhile experience.

We optimists are people who love diving into opportunities as much as we can, savoring success and learning from our mishaps are what we value the most. I believe that people who hone their positive persona are usually active and can be a psychiatrist.


Below are some sample scenarios and actual characteristics of an optimist.

  • You were given a bag of shit, and I mean literal shit, feces! Instead of being disgusted and scared of the bacteria it contains or even wonder who it came from, you would immediately think that you can use this as a fertilizer to grow a beautiful garden.
  • When you made a wrong move at the office which made your boss shout at you for almost an hour. Instead of letting it affect you, you sit down stretch your arms, and immediately battle the situation by finding a resolution for your mishap.
  • For you impossible is just a word, you pave the road towards the possibility of an impossible feat, thus ideas often start from you.
  • A quick thinker, you often think on your feet. Impromptu presentations doesn’t bother you at all, whatever outcome you produce.
  • You grab opportunities as long as you can still handle them. There will be a lot of opportunities along the way.
  • You just love adventures. On a date, you would rather go to a place with your spacial someone without anything planned than to have a list of itineraries. Because you know that you would have a good time nonetheless.

Secrets of Becoming Optimistic

Mind your Mindset

It all starts with a strong mindset and I mean STRONG and stubborn mindset. For you negative things are always considered a challenge instead of a burden.

It shouldn’t take a lot of time to move on from a problem. However, just enough time to learn from it, then accurately proceed with your next plan of action. Setting a strong positive mindset may seem to be easy, but it truly requires a lot of practice.

Think Quick!

Practice quick thinking, think on your feet! Most people are comfortable in taking a lot of time to plan their next step, especially right after a disaster.

If you wish to be successful in being an optimist, the time for absorbing a problematic situation should be lessened. But results of your solution should still be of high quality. If you practice this, you will notice that moving from a negative to a positive scenario is quicker than usual.

Value Experiences

Experience is key, but not necessarily your own experience. We have to accept that we can learn from others. Lower your pride and listen to your surroundings, there are people who take a lot of challenges in life.

This is also where you can practice becoming a beacon of optimism. With your positive mindset and of course with their consent, do not hesitate to guide them through the positive side. Things that happen to your friends, may also happen to you. Help each other and make them feel at ease. So that the moment you experience a similar challenge, you would know what to do.

Love Life

Cherish every moment. A positive person would always have a lot of things they want to do. It might be a challenge to achieve everything in one lifetime. Say “La vita e bella” which means life is beautiful. Remind yourself that you are here for a reason and that reason is to appreciate all the things in life.

Verbalize Positivity

Practice positive scripting, I strongly believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If the action is negative, verbalize the positive. If the action is positive, discreetly analyze and learn from its negative counterpart.

Remember that more often than not, who you are depends on what you say.