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What is a bucket list? It’s basically a list of:

  • Things to buy.
  • Articles to write.
  • Books to read
  • People to talk to.
  • Good deeds to sign. ^_^
  • Feelings to feel.

A list of things to aspire, in which inspires us to do what we do – continue and pursue a life of fulfillment. These are just a few examples of a bucket list.

Let’s face it, we all have this..
Things that we want to happen before we pass on.
Unfortunately, due to stress and other distractions, we totally forget that we have things we really wanted to do.

As I write this article, I am filling up my bucket list. I honestly find joy whenever my stories read by different people. I am not dying anytime soon tho, but in all actuality, no one really knows when their time is up.

Have you ever had the feeling that your bucket list keeps on piling up and you don’t know what you should do about it?

Okay, so one day, I asked myself.. “When should, I start filling up my bucket list.”
Without hesitation, the optimistic part of me answered: NOW!

Phantom Accomplishments

In this life of inexplicable uncertainty, we are challenged to make ourselves and people around us happy.

However, some of us don’t actually know how to accomplish this challenge. Others have been draining their life through phantom accomplishments which they themselves aren’t really proud of.

Here’s an example:
Let’s just say that John had to edit a 2,000 page book (deadline: 1 week) and check if there were instances of wrong spelling or grammar for his employer, a publishing company perhaps?

After finishing, John was given a KUDOS and award by his boss. Because frankly, this is really a great feat. However, what if John wanted to be an author instead? BUT editing is what he was good at? What John achieved felt like a phantom accomplishment. It had little value to him.

Sometimes for money, we choose to do the things we are good at because it’s the safest option. When backed into a corner and you ended up doing the things you are not into (but you’re really good at it), there’s an article titled Doing What You LOVE or Learning to LOVE the Things You Do. In this article specific to my career experience, you might find that a job you never thought about may be transmuted into a new found passion.

Nonetheless, whatever happens, do not let anything hinder you to achieve your vision of true happiness. Filling up our bucket list is a milestone that guide us towards SELF fulfillment.

Coping up.. Moving forward..

Move forward..

We have set our routines, daily, weekly, monthly, or even our yearly schedules might be packed.
Time for work, time for family, time for paying the bills, time for relaxation, time to read, T.V. time? Normal stuff to tag our day “SOLVED!”

But how about adding an item from your bucket list into the equation? Probably on a schedule?

I’d suggest to slowly work on your END-GAME accomplishment. This way, you could say that even if you are forced to accomplish things you aren’t 100% into. You at least filled your life with things that you deeply aspire. Picture yourself, slowly walking towards the land of the accomplished.

As humans, we have the unquenchable thirst to learn and be champions of our own domain. We also come across new things, new people, new challenges, and new goals.

Let us not get overwhelmed! Remember that the only way to move forward is to actually make an effort no matter how small it is!

If possible, I’d like to know what you have on your bucket list. Please share it on the comment section below.

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