How to make things happen
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The title of this article might seem too vague for some. But once you read through this piece, you might find an answer to a very difficult question. ‘Making things happen’ is easier said than done, often times it blocked by procrastination and a lot of other activities that can make you busy. In this article you will find TIPS on how to make things happen and how to move from point A to point B no matter what your current situation is. May it be for building a business, breaking a bad habit, improving your career, and many more you can think of.

Tip #1: Assess your current situation

No matter the task, you should first assess your current situation. A lot of people will tell you to do different things or will give you tips depending on what you desire to achieve. But no matter how good their tips are, it simply won’t happen if you couldn’t even assess your current situation. Wheather you’re planing on multi-tasking or not, it doen’t matter. Assessing your situation always starts with some questions to ask yourself. A few would be, How much time can I spare? Do I have the capacity to build onto my goal financialy & psychologically? How satisified will I be when I reach my goal? Can I maintain that level of satisfaction? Who am I doing this for?

Tip #2: Make a Map

Sometimes you’re ideas float on uncharted waters, making a map would definitely be helpful towards the realization of your project or goal. Start with something simple. Dates, Milestones, Deadlines. Then transition these milestones into something Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Attainable, and Time Bound. Follow it as if it’s the way to your happy place.

Tip #3: Experience every step

I shit you not when I say that there will be ups and downs. How you treat these instances can make or break your project or goal. Experience every bit of it, not only the wins, but also the losses. Celebrate your success and learn from the mistakes you’ve come accross. There is nothing more genuine than indulging yourself into an experience.

Tip #4: Read and research, teach yourself!

Sometimes there won’t be any courses suitable for your endeavor. If you couldn’t find a lesson specific to what you need. You would sometimes want to read through other peoples stories in building their dreams or projects. Like the story of Elon Musk on how he almost went bankrupt for Tesla, and how he succeeded in making a multi billion dollar company, feel every bit of their experiences as your own. You will find yourself wiser and tenacious through this activity. Test yourself, ask what you would do in either difficult or glorious situations?

Tip #5: Celebrate each month

Mark your start date on the calendar and celebrate each month, list down things you have achieved throughout the month no matter how small or big it is. Give yourself a pat on the back and something to remember it by. Perhaps a letter to yourself in which you could read on a later date. This activity will keep you longing for more achievements in the future.

Tip #6: Pitch to stitch

Always remind yourself what you are doing and why you are doing it. You are building a fortress and you have to secure its stability. Pitch to yourself why you need to win, as you would pitch to a major investor. Be honest to yourself. Here you will sometimes determine if you need to change something for the better. Or if you need to re-work from ground 0.

Tip #7: Have everything accounted for

Towards the top of your goal, you might find yourself riddled with new responsibilities, may it be a recurring schedule of tasks or a monthly subscription for a service you have acquired, etc. Make sure that you always have the capacity to meet your own demands. Planning is crucial and accounting is necessary. Remember that TIME is a currency of the highest kind, make sure you are paid with your satisfaction.

Tip #8: Always be expanding

A goal does not end with success. The moment you feel success, that’s the time you start to become complacent. That’s the purpose of celebrating each month as stated above, tip #5 is the time for you to feel your accomplishments. Now at one point, your “project” might be considered a lifestyle change that can be overwhelming. Remember that every minute that passes after you receive the first feeling of satisfaction or your first profit, is a call to act towards breaking your own limits and surpassing yourself.


Some people aim to change the world and some would say that it’s too much of a responsibility to do so. But most of us fail to realize that in this limited time that we have, our life, and all the lives we touch, is and always will be, “OUR WORLD”. Change them for the better no matter how difficult it seems to be. Let this be a new definition of ‘purpose’ for those who seek it. Now move forth and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!