Bluehost Review
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Many web hosting companies, such as Bluehost, have taken their place in this cyber-driven world. The internet has created a need for these numerous sites to find a base of operation. This necessity comes from the number of websites in the world. According to Netcraft, there were over 1.29 billion websites worldwide as of January 2020. And with this number changing every second, the website hosting space looks promising.

But the selection can be daunting for you looking for a trusted hosting company to host your website. Bluehost has made a name for itself as a web hosting company for nearly two decades. It receives wide acclaim across the globe for its efficiency and affordability. Here, you get to find out what they offer. You can then decide if it is best suited for you.

What Are You Looking For?

Different hosting companies have varied strengths geared to a particular clientele base. While all companies with enough clout can offer you a broad spectrum of services, you find that they focus their power on one specific niche. But the basics you need remain constant whether you want to run a simple word press website or have a large e-commerce website with heavy traffic you want to begin. Grab Bluehost Hosting For a Special Price

The basic needs include: having a dedicated system with little to no downtime, costing that accommodates your budget, customer support around the clock, and enough hardware offerings for whatever project size you have.

Bluehost Products

Bluehost has a host of products it offers. It has various hosting packages for your selection, depending on your need.

Domain Registration: The first product that will interest you is a domain. You can get a domain registered through the company, making it a one-stop shop when setting up a website.

Shared Hosting:

Next, you get the most basic hosting plan, shared hosting, that the company offers. Shared hosting has the primary offerings of a hosting service but within a shared space. You get the freedom and privacy to be in your area while sharing a server with other sites. Its affordability makes this the go-to plan for primary websites.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS):

You can get more advanced hosting capabilities from the VPS package, allowing you greater server configuration flexibility. You can share a server with other clients but have greater privacy with your projects. With VPS hosting, you can, for example, use a specific programming language.

WordPress Hosting:

This service is dedicated to WordPress sites with optimization for these sites in place. A staging area, load handling, and the latest PHP and MySQL languages give this company the credibility for a mention on the official WordPress site. It gets recommended as one of the world’s top WordPress sites.

Dedicated Server

This offering allows you the freedom to carry out large projects that move heavy traffic daily. You get your server and do not have any other clients sharing your resources.

blue host review

Product Pricing

Pricing for these products varies. Domains start at $12.99 per year. Shared hosting has four packages, with the basic package having a beginning price of $3.95 and its renewal fee of $7.99. The virtual private server costs from as low as $19.99 to as high as $59.99. Dedicated servers have a selection, with the lowest at $79.99 and the highest at $119.99 a month. A more in-depth look across domains shared hosting, and dedicated web servers continue below.

Domain Names

You can get your preferred name from Bluehost at any time. One of the advantages of buying a domain name here is that you can lock it when you find it without paying for it. That way, you can secure it until you get ready to use it.

Bluehost has six domain types available, with each domain type with different pricing. A .net domain costs the highest at $14.99 per year. The .com and .org domains go for $12.99 per year. Next, you have the .co field at $9.99, followed by .tech at $4.99. Finally, you get the cheapest zone, .website, at $1.99.

Bluehost has the advantage of having an auto-renewal mechanism that ensures you don’t lose your domain name by forgetting to renew it. You can deactivate this feature at any time you want to. Once you get your unique address, you get access to a simple yet intuitive user interface to help you manage your name and all its related aspects, like changing DNS records.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting can be the best start for someone starting a simple website without too many demands. Bluehost has four shared hosting choices to choose from, depending on the performance and dedication you look for. The four options are Basic, Choice, Choice Plus, and Pro. All packages give you an unlimited number of domains and websites apart from the basic package, which only allows you one domain and website hosting.

Get metered website storage at 50 GB, while the other three packages have unlimited storage. You’ll get a limited number of databases for the basic package at 20, while all the others have a limitless number of databases. Note that the database size gets limited to 3 GB per database for all packages apart from the Pro package, which stands at 5 GB.

A maximum of 200000 files for every package apart from the Pro package that allows 300000. You get telephone and live support across all packages, while you have a standard backup for the Basic and “Plus packages”. In contrast, Choice Plus and Pro packs offer you advanced backup options.

Bluehost has an irresistible introductory price for all its shared hosting models. You can pay as little as $2.95 for the Basic model, $5.45 for the Plus and Choice Plus models, and $13.95 for the Pro model. It would be best if you took the most extended starting term that you can afford to take advantage of these pricing models. Bluehost has four durations you can work with: 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, and 60 months.

Renewal price goes up to $8.99 for the Basic model, $12.99 for the Plus model, $16.99 for the Choice Plus model, and $25.99 for the Pro model.

Dedicated Web Servers

As earlier stated, this product offering works best when you need to have dedicated servers for your project. You get three plans to choose from, depending on your need. The programs are Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. The Standard plan offers you four cores processing at 2.3 GHz each. It expends 500 GB of mirrored storage space with 4 GB RAM at your service. The bandwidth has a reliable 5 TB with access to 3 IP addresses.

The Enhanced plan upgrades you from the standard offerings, delivering four-core processing at 2.5 GHz. It doubles the mirrored storage to 1 TB and takes the RAM up to 8 GB. The bandwidth also goes up to 10 TB while giving you access to 4 IP addresses.

The mirrored storage is the only feature that remains the same between the Premium and Enhanced plans. Besides that, you get 4 cores with individual processing speeds of 3..3 GHz, the RAM goes up to 16 GB, the bandwidth goes up to 15 TB, and you get access to 5 IP addresses.

The Standard model starts at $79.99 monthly, while the Enhanced model starts at $99.99 monthly. Finally, the Premium model goes for $119.99 per month.

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Bluehost Benefits


One core feature you need in a hosting service is that your server has to stay online as much as possible. Servers sometimes go down or run through maintenance. But the heart of the matter remains to find a solutions provider that can keep you online despite such challenges. Bluehost shows a reliable constant uptime of 99.99% of the time, meaning you never struggle with disgruntled site visitors. High Limit Hosting


Most of the resources Bluehost offers have high to unlimited resources. These resources ensure you do not have downtime or sluggish speeds while working or serving your clients. Speed is crucial for acceptance in the online world, and this hosting provider does its best to provide you with this speed.

Ease of Use: A provider’s hosting panel determines the ease of use with which its clients use the site. Bluehost utilizes cPanel, one of the most straightforward hosting panels around the block.

Free Products: The company features a host of free products, including an SSL certificate, the standard security certificate required for your website to pass the screening process. You access this certificate as a new or existing client as long as you belong to the Bluehost community. Another free feature with some products includes a free domain for a year.


Every provider has its upside and downside, and Bluehost falls in this category. One of the downsides you will notice with this provider remains not letting clients pay for a monthly subscription. Subscription terms begin from 12 months going up to 60 months. While this can dissuade a few people, it also serves as an incentive for a new client as it lets you enjoy the discounted prices for a more extended duration.

A slow support system can also get recognized as another shortcoming that this company works to improve. Beyond this, the company stands out as one of the best in the industry. It offers you an offering rivaling the best in the industry. And if you are looking for WordPress site hosting, this falls as one of the industry’s leading providers.