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It was Just a Phase.. or is it?


Let’s admit it, for a minimum of ONCE in your life, you did something ridiculously crazy. When you recall those moments, you often say that it was just a “PHASE” and they mostly happen to be things you aren’t proud of.

These phases come in various sorts, from harmless to destructive, really embarrassing habits, and some are just downright wrong. Every so often, we tend to remember those experiences and wonder why we went through it. We laugh at ourselves or even hide due to embarrassment when someone brings it up.

In my opinion, experiencing these phases are very important, they can either enlighten us and guide us towards our desired path or lead us to destruction or so to say “the dark side”. It is truly a matter of taking things into perspective and evaluating your own experiences.

I believe that everyone has a pattern for their existence. Our decisions have a direct impact that can affect our overall personality. Phases are quite interesting as it can happen in the spur of the moment and influence the choices we make in the long run. It is indeed a monumental part of our development.

Let’s just say, If a person was very lazy when he/she was a kid, the effect on their character might be extremely different in due time. I know a few people who were considered the “problem child” but became really great after 20 years. Somewhere along the way this problem child made a choice, maybe a simple one, like not using a blue pen for taking down notes. Then later, it might have had a contribution to his interpersonal success.

Life is Beautiful

LA VITA è BELLA (life is beautiful). Unpredictable things happen but we always have a choice no matter how difficult the situation we are in or how limited our freedom is. What we do with those choices builds our character, it makes us who we are and it continues to develop every fiber of our being till the day we pass on.

Phases can be as simple as blinking twice when you see a friend and thrice when you see a person who you didn’t like.

Let’s take things into perspective. Answer these questions and evaluate:

1. Try to remember, did you ever had this sort of “Phase”?
2. What was it?
3. Do you consider the phase Passive, Destructive, Embarrassing, Good, ETC..?
4. Am I still experiencing it? Frequently? Occasionally?
    – If yes, why?
    – If no, why not?
5. Did it affect people around you?
6. Did it bring you any good or are you being considered a bad person because of it?
7. Does it have an effect mentally, physically, or emotionally?
8. Do you have to change your ways or are you just OK they way you are?
    – If yes, how do you change it?
    – If no, why not?

After answering the questions above:

  • Create a summary of your life, your own story in a nutshell, from the start of those phases to who you are right now?
  • Rate yourself from 1 – 10 (higher number = better person) you decide what “better person” means for you.
  • If change is needed, devise an equation for personality enhancement.
  • Test the waters.
  • Fully adapt to the current change. Most importantly, truly accept the changes to be part of your development.
  • Re-evaluate yourself.
  • Provide a conclusion.
  • Be proud.

JFF – just for fun..
Here’s a picture of me when I went through a phase where I always wanted, and I mean ALWAYS wanted to bathe in this drum.. Happy summer!

My 90’s bath tub!